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I’ve always been a creative so I would try to occupy myself with projects instead. I would make rustic furniture out of pallets, sew things for kora and set up little photo shoots of her to edit on my phone so Tyler suggested I buy a camera. . I did, I loved it. . and everything just progressed from there. .

(ah-kay-sha), like the  flower which led to my daughter Kora having the middle name Lilly.  .

Alas Acacia Lilly Photography


Some wonder how I got into photography. . Many years ago now I moved to Hamilton from Perth near the end of my pregnancy with Miss Kora Lilly.

We moved so she could be brought up around my partners family (mine being in Bluff) 

For me becoming a first time mum and not knowing anyone was really tough, I got incredibly depressed. . 

My partner being my only support person through my depression was always encouraging me to join mum groups, baby music classes etc to try to meet people. . I’m an extreme Introvert so it just never happened.

I found something I was so passionate about, I remember The insomnia some nights because my mind wired thinking about new things to learn and visions to create. . 

Being an introvert I love that it pushed me out of my comfort zone and I meet the most beautiful humans along the way, in fact most of my friends I’ve made in Hamilton I’ve met through photography. .

Along the way I lost my spark and joy, I was becoming unhappy again, When I asked myself why, it was simple this time. . 

What makes me happy is shooting what I love. . If it doesn’t fuel my creative fire, ​I​'ve learnt to not do it & how important it is to shoot for myself, to explore my creativity and push the limits without any expectations 


I came to realise how therapeutic my locations are. . 

I love raw, earthy, wild, untamed places to become lost in.

Peaceful tranquil forests or roaring, crashing coastlines.

there's so much beauty in light and how it sparkles, turning dust into glitter as it plays with shadows and colours through the leaves.

I love the sweet sounds of birds, the wind in the trees and listening to the waves as they roll in and out.

The warm sun & cool breeze touching my skin, how it feels to have silky sand under my feet, my soul is refreshed after submerging In the cool waters.

I love the calming scent of damp wood and sea salt, when in nature the first thing I do is take a deep breath of fresh clean air, cleanse, being a mum can be tough at times, I love how nature restores my mood, give me back energy and vitality. . 

When it comes to shooting I want you take in all these elements, explore your surroundings, feel the water, splash, play, swim. Reach for the wild flowers dancing in the wind, touch them, pick them, smell them. Bath in the sun, close your eyes, take a minute, feel.

I love natural lifestyle photography although I will pose and direct you to capture the real organic moments in between.

I don't aim for perfectly focused faces smiling at my camera, I want you to connect with yourself and each other, not my lens.

I want to create art that makes you feel emotions and be inspired.

I want to capture your children's playful mannerisms.

I want to capture the precious moments of tenderness and laughter.

I want to see the love & joy you have for your children and growing tummy.

I want you to see your story, for you to hold onto forever. . 

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