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F a m i l i e s  o f  S m a l l  C h i l d r e n 

Feel the water, splash, play, swim. Reach for the wild flowers dancing in the wind, touch them, pick them, smell them. Bath in the sun, close your eyes, take a minute, feel.

I love natural lifestyle photography although I will pose and direct you to capture the real organic moments in between.

I don't aim for perfectly focused faces smiling at my camera, I want you to connect with each other, not my lens.

I want to create art that makes you feel emotions and be inspired.

I want to capture your children's playful mannerisms.

I want to capture the precious moments of tenderness and laughter.

I want to see the love & joy you have for your children.

I want you to see your story, for you to hold onto forever. . 

They are only little once. . 

saskia holden & family

Kristelle willow & family

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer smaller packages?

To be honest this is my smallest package, no two sessions are the same and 50 images really is my minimum, if the session flows amazing right from the beginning (kids etc) galleries can be well beyond 50 images.

I don't shoot less than 50minutes as I like to take the time to get to know you and capture your more authentic story  

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