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F a m i l i e s  o f  S m a l l  C h i l d r e n 

Feel the water, splash, play, swim. Reach for the wild flowers dancing in the wind, touch them, pick them, smell them. Bath in the sun, close your eyes, take a minute, feel.

I love natural lifestyle photography although I will pose and direct you to capture the real organic moments in between.

I don't aim for perfectly focused faces smiling at my camera, I want you to connect with each other, not my lens.

I want to create art that makes you feel emotions and be inspired.

I want to capture your children's playful mannerisms.

I want to capture the precious moments of tenderness and laughter.

I want to see the love & joy you have for your children.

I want you to see your story, for you to hold onto forever. . 

They are only little once. . 

saskia holden & family

Kristelle willow & family

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be in the photo shoot?

I like to keep things super intimate with mum, dad & children. .

I photograph children under the age of 10 to compliment my natural artistic style. 

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