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N e w  L i f e

This beautiful little human that you've created. .

Those squishy chubby cheeks & tiny long fingers. .

The wrinkly bottoms and scaly feet. .

The sleepy gentle noises, wrapped up sweetly in your arms. .

These are the precious memories to keep.

They says the days with your newborn are long but the years are short and how incredibly correct. .

The first year especially goes by like a blur and your baby wont be a baby before you know it. .

I personally think those first couple of days with your new born are so special to capture, babies change so quickly even in that first week.

Although when you do your newborn shoot is entirely up to you.

Capture those first moments with your baby after birth or within the first few days when baby is still squishy and new, In a couple of weeks or months, capture those first smiles or first steps. .

There are so many beautiful mile stones but don't wait until it's to late.

Bethany Turner & family ft archie

shelby tareha-lacey & ryder

jamie-leigh robinson & family ft cassius