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C l i e n t   W a r d r o b e

All items listed below are available for you to use during your session.

During your session there is time for 2, sometimes 3 outfit changes.

Earthy tones compliment my editing style.

Beige, creams, tan, khaki, sage, navy, rust, blush etc.

Coordinate tones, DON'T MATCH.

A little black and white are fine, please don't wear them together.

Add textures, lace, crotchet, knits, linen, frills, tassels.

Add layers & accessories, hats, belts, blankets, cardigans.

Keep it timeless and tasteful, no clothing with words or pictures.

If you need help  just ask and remember,

sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can take your images from ordinary to dreamy

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