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Hamilton, New Zealand Photographer

Brought up on the rugged coastline of Foveaux Straight, I wasn’t raised in a era of devices but instead I played in wild oceans while the rain was pouring & danced through the forest until the sun was low & the warm light streamed through the trees, glistening with what I tell my daughter is fairy dust.

The breeze on my face and a step in a direction unknown is my escape from routine, “mum life” & responsibilities. . The wilderness is calming & so nostalgic,  it’s where I desire to be.

If you come with me i’ll show you my love for your love,  the connection when embraced in one another’s arms, the beauty of rawness, your children’s sweet laughter, their innocence & playful mannerisms, a gentle touch of a mother’s hand, emotions in a gaze.

My eyes will capture all of this through a lens for you to hold onto forever. . 

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